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FirstWatch Independant Living Affiliates

The FirstWatch Referral Program allows affiliates to act as promoters within our local communities to increase the awareness of the FirstWatch Personal Medical Response System. Our FirstWatch affiliates are independently owned businesses authorized to promote FirstWatch directly to their customers.

Under the FirstWatch Referral Program, our FirstWatch affiliates are financially compensated for each successful sale and installation of a FirstWatch Personal Medical Response System. All potential clients are referred directly to our FirstWatch Call Centre where the sale is finalized and necessary arrangements for payment and installations are made.

Join our team of FirstWatch Affiliates and participate in our FirstWatch Referral Program. As a company you can express compassion towards your community partners and customers while assisting them with independent living.

Types of businesses that are successful in promoting and selling FirstWatch include:

  • Estate Lawyers and Financial Advisors
  • Pharmacies
  • Medical Equipment Suppliers
  • Rehabilitation and Case Managers
  • Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Long Term Care facilities
  • Medical Clinics

Advantages to being a FirstWatch Affiliate:

  • Receive financial rewards for each successful sale
  • Opportunity to provide a value added and trusted product to your service offerings
  • Easy to implement program with minimal training and time commitment
  • Professionally designed marketing materials
  • Minimal or no inventory to carry
  • Exclusive offer for your customers for being referred by you

All FirstWatch Affiliates must meet set standards for compliance:

  • Operating as a registered business
  • Demonstrate quality services, ethics and business practices
  • Provide letters of reference and commendations
  • Enter into a FirstWatch Affiliate Agreement
  • Attend a FirstWatch Affiliate Session

All FirstWatch Affiliates can receive financial rewards as a member of our FirstWatch Referral Program upon the successful sale and installation of a FirstWatch Personal Medical Response System.

If your company is interested in becoming a FirstWatch Affiliate or you wish to learn more about this exciting selling opportunity, apply here.